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The Joy of Twins and
Other Multiple Births

"Whether the result of fertility drugs, an 'older mother' (more likely to experience a multiple ovulation), or simply the luck of the draw, multiple babies pose multiple challenges. Journalist Pamela Patrick Novotny's comprehensive exploration of life with twins--or more--provides page after page of myth-busting, educational, and highly supportive information.

"Not meant for the expectant parent, this text cuts right to the chase: the babies have been born--it's time to rally. Novotny opens by discussing transitions, likening pregnancy, delivery, and homecoming to a three-ringed circus. With a deft combination of coaching tones and facts galore, she addresses each issue thoroughly and insightfully, and offers excellent suggestions for coming to terms with the many changes. Novotny seems to target her book to the doubtful, those who may feel unusually overwhelmed by the prospect of caring for more than one baby at a time, or those who need help surfacing from the murky pool of postpartum depression. Troubleshooting, planning, finding alternatives--these terms and themes can be found throughout her text, with plenty of positive results. Most helpful are the excellent chapters on mothercare, multiples' developing sense of identity and myths surrounding their genetic influences, and 'Feeling the Changes: Fathers and Families.' Absolutely packed with valuable suggestions, case studies, facts, and references, this book should rank quite high with parents of multiples."
--Liane Thomas,

"...A vital, practical guide detailing the care of infant twins and methods for parent survival."

Selected Works

The Joy of Twins and Other Multiple Births
A down-to-earth, upbeat parenting guide to having, raising and loving babies who arrive in groups.
Two at a Time: The Journey Through Twin Pregnancy and Birth
A warm, insightful resource full of sound advice and personal anecdotes.
Nonfiction, inspirational
Remarkable Changes: Turning Life’s Challenges Into Opportunities
Twenty inspiring stories show how sometimes the worst thing that happens to you can be the best thing that happens to you.

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