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The Joy of Twins and Other Multiple Births

A classic in twin parenting literature, The Joy of Twins provides indispensable information on surviving that first challenging year and beyond. Ms. Novotny shares the latest medical, psychological and sociological findings on all aspects of caring for two or more children simultaneously.

Two at a Time: The Journey Through Twin Pregnancy and Birth

Told with loving affection, Two at a Time contains a wealth of information specific to twin pregnancies. It’s a straightforward yet comforting guide to all the overwhelming emotions and physical changes during those amazing months of twin pregnancy.

Remarkable Changes: Turning Life’s Challenges Into Opportunities

Rich in lived wisdom, Remarkable Changes revolves around seven signposts of change. The book introduces extraordinary men and women who have courageously navigated the most formidable changes, from the loss of a child to sudden blindness, as well as those who have made incredible changes happen against the odds.